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JRV Associates

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———— We believe the key to a successful time-share resale is a -knowledgeable-brokerage.

The time-share resale process can be challenging without proper knowledge of vacation ownership.

When looking to purchase a time-share, sell a time-share, or rent a time-share our Expert Customer Service Agents will assist with all of your needs.

JRV Associates never charges an upfront fee to sell your time-share for you.

We earn our commission when the property sells.

We do not get paid until you do.

Therefore it is in our best interest to sell your property quickly and at a price that is beneficial to all parties involved.

We won’t tell you,  “your property is worth more than it is,”  just to receive your listing.

That is not beneficial to either of us. Neither of us have anything to gain unless your weeks are sold.

JRV associates is in the business of selling time-shares! Not just listing them.  

We not only advertise on our website, but also on other Internet sites so your property gets maximum exposure.

We also work with an extensive and powerful network of Licensed Real Estate Brokers to bring buyers and sellers together. If you would like to list your time-share for sale fill out the Contact form. Or call us.